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March 2021 | We had the CRN Kick-Off workshop

We had the China Rice Network (CRN) kick-off on 26th March!

We envision becoming an inclusive network of rice scientists, aiming to improve the sustainability and resilience of China’s rice production systems through a strong national research network of collaborators, integrating efforts across multiple spatial scales.

Thank you very much to Zengrong Zhu, Haiyan Cen and Wenwu Zhou (Zhejiang University), Danying Wang and Song Chen (CNRRI, China National Rice Research Institute), Zhongxue Zhang (Northeast Agriculture University), Yi Zou (Xi 'an Jiaotong Liverpool University), Zhanyu Liu (Hangzhou Normal University), Yaoyu Bai (Southwest University), Guanghua Wang (Henan Academy of Agricultural Sciences, China), Zhaopu Peng and Mingyong Ma (Institute of Plant Protection, Hunan Academy of Agricultural Sciences), Jin Lv (Plant protective station of Huzhou city, Zhejiang), and Wolfgang Weisser (Technical University Munich) for conforming the Scientific Steering Committee (SSC) of the CRN.

We are also happy to announce that Tom Wanger (Westlake University) will be the Chair of the SSC, and Xueqing He (Westlake University) the CRN coordinator.

Many exciting projects are coming ahead!

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